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By: Muhammad Haneef Abdul Nasir

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market in La Rambla
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Finally, I'm going to start my own fotopage. Well, I think I better start off with the pictures I took during my spring holidays in spain. There were me, naseer,wansah, pisang n roy in this trip. We took a flight from bristol to barcelona early in the morning and arrived in barcelona city centre(didn't even bother to check the it centre or center?) some time in the afternoon.
We spent around 3 days exploring barcelona. The highlight of our trip, I should say, is meeting muslim brothers and sisters in a mosque in some slump at the outskirts of barcelona. There was brother Abdul Jaleel whom we met after the friday prayers(we arrived after the prayers were finished so we just did jama' zuhr and asr). It's going to take thousands of words to describe how nice brother Abdul Jaleel is, but to put it short, he took us out for lunch and treated us kebabs. I mean, we were all strangers to him and we just met in the mosque but he was non reluctance in doing that.
A short description about brother Abdul Jaleel: he's a moroccan who moved to spain around 20 years ago and married with a spanish woman who converted to Islam. He's a member of Jamaat Al Adlu Wal Ehsan, a jamaah in morocco with the same fikrah as Ikhwanul Muslimin.(kalau kat Malaysia tu macam PAS laa..bukan ABIM, bukan tabligh, tapi PAS). Owh..and his father in law was a famous FC Barcelona legend back in the 70s. Unfortunately, I can't remember his name.
Later that night, we had free food again as the mosque were having aqiqah. Brother Abdul Jaleel cooked the food by himself. It was delicious and a totally different experience(cube try kari kambing dengan prune cicah roti perancis). We also met Abdul Jaleel's lovely son and daughter. Somehow, I can only remember his daughter's name: Maryam . She's so cute I wanna cry. She's just like..8 or 9, but she knew how to use my dslr effortlessly.(Abdul Jaleel is a professional photographer himself).
Though we were so full that night, we were so determined to try some spanish food, so we went to a spanish restaurant and tried Paella. It's a rice dish mixed with prawns and squids(we ordered seafood paella). It was dissappointing because the paella was tasteless, I think the one I had in Daiquiri's Cardiff was way better.
We also had ice cream every night when we were there, because the ice cream or 'gellato' was freshly home made. Seriously, the taste was far more superior than haagen dasz or ben and jerry's that we can buy in tescos(yess.. they were that good!). Another food highlight was the market in La Rambla. They sell mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and I don't think anybody can resist the temptation to buy the fresh fruits and fruit juices we had those stuffs almost everyday too. They have almost all fruits that we can imagine..except for durian of course.. -to be continued....


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